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  • Conference Abstracts

    Kirk St.Amant | Louisiana Tech University, LA, USA. Sketching Literacy: Teaching through the Cognitive Connections between Literacy and Design Literacy involves two kinds of knowledge: ·         Knowing the processes for creating something ·         Knowing about the topic of our creations Individuals who are “literate” know the processes for producing a text, visual, or other object.  Individuals who are “literate” know… read more

  • 1st Transnational Project Meeting

    The first Transnational Project Meeting of CIELL Project (Comics for Inclusive English Language Learning) was held at Lancaster University, UK during 8-9 January 2019. During the meeting, the participants discussed: Project Management (e.g. clarify responsibilities of each partner, arrange meeting dates, communications, finances). Website content and the Logo of the project. Application – what we need to know now. Language… read more