International Conference on Visual Literacies and Visual Technologies for Teaching, Learning and Inclusion, 11-12th May 2020 New date: 29th September 2020, Athens, Greece

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Educational technologies and online learning promote visual learning and facilitate networking with people and resources. This international conference promotes dialogue among educators, researchers, learning technologists and instructional designers on how to use and understand visual language in an inclusive way, serving the needs of life-long learners and the demands of global citizenship.

Workshop – Comics for Inclusive English Language Learning – 29th September 2020

This professional development event is for foreign language teachers of English. It provides you with an opportunity to learn, discuss and share experiences about how comics are being used in teaching and offers an opportunity for you to network with other language teachers.

The Comics for Inclusive English Language Learning project introduces a new mobile application (app), and teacher’s guide, aimed at language students learning how to structure the writing of an essay in English. It is free to download. An inclusive pedagogy means that while the app has been designed to support students with dyslexia, it is also valuable to students who do not have dyslexia. The visual pedagogy uses comics and infographics to explain the structure of an essay in a visual manner.

International Conference on Visual Literacies and Visual Technologies for Teaching, Learning and Inclusion – 29th September 2020

The conference aims to promote research and practice in visual literacies and visual technologies in teaching, learning and inclusion by:

  • bringing together teachers, trainers and researchers to exchange experiences of teaching;
  • encouraging cross-disciplinary exchange of knowledge and practice;
  • promoting discussion between researchers;
  • supporting educators from any educational setting (informal, formal, schools, higher education and training) to exchange knowledge and network;
  • disseminating the outcomes of the CIELL project – teaching resources including a mobile app for students learning to structure the writing of an essay;
  • promoting pedagogies that accommodate learner needs in an inclusive manner.

The focus of the conference includes:

  • Use of comics and graphic novels in education;
  • Supporting inclusion with visual literacy & visual technologies in education;
  • Cultural differences in visual literacy and use of visual technologies in education;
  • Accessibility issues in visual communication in education;
  • Education with new visual technologies (such as virtual and augmented reality);
  • Theory and practice in the use of visual technologies in distance, online and flexible learning;
  • Case studies of visual learning;
  • Evaluations of tools for visual learning;
  • Inclusive perspectives on technology-enhanced learning;
  • Theoretical issues around inclusive and democratic teaching practices.

Call for Abstracts

If you are interested in presenting a paper at the conference, please submit a 300-word abstract by 1st July 2020 to:

If you would like to informally discuss your participation, please contact the conference chair:

  • Participants travelling from outside Greece may also qualify for free accommodation, subject to approval by conference organisers.
  • A complimentary visit to the Athens Acropolis Museum will take place early afternoon on Monday 11 May for all foreign visitors.


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This event is co-funded by the ERASMUS+ Programme of the European Union, as part of the Comics for Inclusive English Language Learning project under Grant 2018-1-UK01-KA203-048195. The partners are Lancaster University (UK), Friedrich-Alexander University (Germany), University of Cyprus (Cyprus) and AKTO (Greece).